What to do and see in Madrid on Christmas

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Christmas Madrid Preview

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on topics such as Google’s search results and its ranking algorithm, the general state of travel blogging, and whether writing detailed travel guides is worthwhile when search engines seem indifferent to authentic experiences.

Despite this, I’ve decided to continue writing. Even if no one sees my work, I’ll be sharing my experiences, memories, and emotions in the virtual space for my future self.

Will it become a personal notebook? Perhaps. Will search engines attract readers? Maybe. Let’s see!

Now let’s get straight to the topic.

Best things to do in Madrid on Christmas

  1. Stay in a hotel in the city center for an effortless holiday. I recommend the Recoletos district – you’ll see why.
  2. Visit the ice skating rink in Plaza Colon, located in Recoletos.
  3. Explore the Christmas markets – you can find them here, here, and there around the city.
  4. Visit the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza for a quicker journey through art history compared to the Prado Museum.
  5. Take a day trip to Segovia to see the Aqueduct, Cathedral, and Alcázar de Segovia, and try some authentic Segovian cuisine.
  6. Enjoy a sip of vermouth near the Chueca metro station.
  7. On the morning after Christmas, walk down the empty streets and enjoy the crisp winter air of Madrid. Remember to bring warm clothes and shoes!
  8. Indulge in Christmas shopping!

Skating rink in Plaza de Colón

It may be crowded in the evening, but tickets are sold only for 30-minute time slots, and the equipment is quite good, making it worth the wait. The ice condition here is slightly better than that at the rink near the Reina Sofia Museum.

They also sell gloves for €2, so there’s no need to buy them elsewhere. If you’re driving, there’s a large parking area beneath the plaza.

Christmas markets

There is a lot of stuff to check out and try – churros con chocolate is a nobrainer, assuming its quite cold out there (0-7°C or 32-44.6°F)

Thyssen-Bornemisza museum

I’ve already covered the topic here. The only piece of advice I would add is to take a guided tour, but keep it no longer than 2 hours. Diving into art for 3 or more hours straight can be quite exhausting.

Day trip to Segovia

This small city is just beautiful. Very tranquil and cozy, even though it is a bit colder out there than in Madrid. See the Aqueduct, Cathedral, and Alcázar de Segovia (the Castle).

For the castle, book your tickets online in advance, and come right at the designated time, it is not allowed to come earlier. You can wait at the cafeteria nearby, it offers some great views.

In the castle, visit its halls (gorgeous royal rooms and weaponry) and get to the top ot the tower.

The easiest way to get to Segovia is by car (an 1 hour and 15 minutes trip). Park at APK2 Cathedral parking area, it’s spacious and also has charging spots for the electric vehicles.

Also, you can get there by the high-speed train from Madrid’s Chamartín station, which is easily accessible by Madrid’s public transportation network. The journey takes 25-27 minutes.

Once you arrive in Segovia, the Segovia Guiomar train station is located a bit outside the city center, but there are buses and taxis available to take you into the city.

madrid segovia

Try vermouth near the Chueca metro station

This spot is iconic for capturing the essence of Madrid. It’s also an LGBTQ+ friendly area, so don’t be surprised to see billboards featuring half-naked men or someone else.

Go for Christmas shopping

Calle de Serrano
Calle de Serrano

There is a pretty interesting shopping street that offers a mix of luxury and regular brands, Calle de Serrano. If you’re on a tighter budget, head to Gran Vía street. You will also find some Chinese, Corean, and Japanese stores and eateries there.

What else to do in Madrid?

Actually, there are 51 more things to in Madrid, check it out.

And … for breakfasts (as I am a big fan of having a solid breakfast), see this mini-guide (updated).

Have a nice holiday!


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