Yes, It Does Snow in Spain – Here’s What You Need to Know

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Does it snow in Spain?

Spain is a country in southern Europe known for its beautiful beaches, sunny days, and tanned people. However, did you know that it also snows in Spain? In this blog post, we will look at the snowfall in Spain – including which cities typically see the most snow and the most recent winter anomalies.

Why does it snow in Spain?

  • There are numerous mountains in Spain (Mulhacén is the tallest, with 3,479 m in height). In winter, they have stable sub-zero temperatures and thick snow on the slopes.
  • Weather anomalies occur quite often (as in many other places on Earth) – cyclones sometimes bring wet snow to Madrid, Valencia province, etc.
  • Sometimes, a deep polar trough forms and provokes a snowfall (such as in Madrid in 2021, which happens only once every 10-15 years). The cold air from high latitudes penetrated the subtropics. In this situation, the snow can also reach North Africa. 
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Snowstorm in Spain 

In January 2021, the Philomena storm hit many Spanish regions. The most affected by Philomena was Madrid. It snowed in the Spanish capital for several days, and the snow cover thickness reached 50 cm. Temperatures in some parts of the country dropped to -8ºC.

Residents of Madrid welcomed the snow with delight, and they skied and played with snowballs on the city streets. The next day the transport system collapsed due to ice, and it was impossible to drive.

8 places in Spain with snow in the winter

Contrary to stereotypes, snow and cold weather is not such a gimmick for this country. So yes, it normally does snow in some spots in Spain.

1. Torre de Cabdella, Lérida

Here the lowest temperature of minus 32 degrees was recorded in the winter of 1956. This Catalan municipality consists of 19 villages, among which stands out Estavill – the town best preserved since the Middle Ages.

2. Calamocha, Teruel

The area is as famous for its cold winters as for the excellent jamón it produces. The temperature record is only slightly lower than that of Lérida when on December 17, 1963, the thermometer plummeted to minus 30 degrees. However, the beauty of this place is worth a visit, even in winter, so you can still explore the beauty of the old quarter and the medieval bridge over the Jiloca.

3. Molina de Aragón, Guadalajara

Molina de Aragón also distinguished itself in the 1960s with its -28.2ºC, ranking third. If you are a history lover, you must go there anyways to see one of the largest fortresses in Spain, the Castillo-Alcázar. Along the way, you can explore the Moorish and Jewish quarters.

4. Albacete

In 1971, at Los Llanos airport, the thermometer dropped to an “astonishing” minus 24ºC. Albacete is famous for the Plaza de Toros, which became the model for the Plaza de Las Ventas in Madrid, the largest bullfighting arena in the country.

5. Burgos

Burgos is undoubtedly one of the coldest but also one of the most charming cities in Spain. You can come here to explore this medieval town’s streets, squares, and small corners. Be prepared that the temperature here can get as low as -20ºC in the winter.

6. Teruel

Teruel is famous for its Mudejar-style architecture, a beautiful story of lovesick Diego and Isabel, and the winter of 1945, when the temperature was lower -20ºC.

7. Vitoria-Gasteiz

Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital of the Basque country in northern Spain, with temperature averages of -5ºC on the coldest nights in the winter. It dropped to -11°C (11 °F) in December 2001.

8. Salamanca

Salamanca, too, experienced -20ºC in February 1963. The city is worth visiting anyway. See Spain’s oldest university or the famous Plaza Mayor, built in the Baroque style.

The record-low temperature was recorded in Torre de Cabdella (-32ºC), Calamoca (-30ºC), Molina de Aragon (-28ºC), Reynosa (-24ºC) and Albacete (-24ºC).

The average temperature in Madrid, ºF

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it snow in Madrid?

No, it usually doesn’t snow in Madrid due to its altitude and lack of cloud cover. It is crispy and sunny in the Winter in Madrid, with the lowest averages of 3ºC-10ºC.

Does it snow in Valencia?

No, it does o t snow in the city of Valencia, but it may snow in some areas in the Province of Valencia.

Does it snow in Seville, Spain?

No, you will not see any snow in Seville. The lowest averages are 5ºC, with strong winds and rain, not the perfect Winter getaway (such as the Canary Islands).

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