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If you’re planning on taking a trip to the Netherlands, you’re bound to give Amsterdam a visit. So, what better way to commemorate a trip abroad than by taking pictures at the most memorable places there?

To give you some inspiration, I created this list of the best instagrammable places in Amsterdam.

Top shooting spots in Amsterdam

1 Staalmeestersbrug Amsterdam Staalmeestersbrug (Love-Lock bridge)
A romantic spot, best at daytime
2 Vondelpark Amsterdam Vondelpark
Non-touristy, recently opened to the public
3 Flower market Amsterdam 1 The Flower Market
Admire the vibrant colors and fragrance of the flowers at this daily market
4 Oude Kerk Amsterdam Oude Kerk
The 14th century Gothic Church with impressive stained glass windows
5 dam square amsterdam 1 Dam Square
Iconic square with the Royal Palace

What people say on Reddit

Amsterdam is a street photography dream (for me, at least). The city centre is not too big, easily walkable, and busy with locals and tourists both. I love the area around the main canals (herengracht, keizersgracht, prinsengracht mentioned below) but they are relatively quiet. Start at the train station and walk towards the Dam square, and just explore wherever takes your fancy.

I would pick some tourist things that interest you and just walk to them, you are bound to see interesting things to photograph on the way there and back. I could (and have) walk around amsterdam just exploring and photographing for days. And yes, don’t discount the areas around the red light district. The Oude Kerk is impressive, and it’s bang in the middle.


Try the canals like herengracht, keizersgracht, prinsengracht. Especially the lower numbers are very pretty, quiet and beautiful. Many of the buildings in that area are houses or offices so its nice and quiet if you prefer that. Of course the dam is also quite iconic, and personally I think the central station is also very pretty (the old parts). If you’re looking for something more modern you can have a look at the eye museum (about film and also photography if I remember correctly) or the stedelijk museum. Also the negen straatjes (nine streets) district is very nice and pretty with cute little boutiques. Furthermore, for the red light district, some places are really pretty and especially in the morning there is barely any activity. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the city!!


Amsterdam local here.

The demographic on foot in the center / canals is mainly other tourists and Dutch ‘day tourists’ from out of town. Most locals will be on bikes unless they’re shopping in one of the pedestrian only shopping streets.

Also, while you can photograph in the red light district you’ll want to be careful where you point your camera. The prostitutes do not like to be photographed, and they have guys on the streets. With people smoking weed it depends on the person and how you approach them. Some will proudly pose, others might tell you to bugger off.

Other that, the city is fair game and very picture postcard like if that’s what you’re want. If you have a more specific question I can probably help you out.


If the main aim is something characteristic of Amsterdam, the canals would definitely be the place to go, especially if you look for places with bridges with lots of bicycles locked to them. There are plenty of good spots in the canal area, it would not be hard to find them just strolling around the city center. However, you’ll have a hard time making something original because those pictures have been taken thousands of times before, by tourists and professional photographers alike.


These are the best 15 locations to take pictures in Amsterdam:

1. The Center and Canals

The Amsterdam-Centrum is a historical district at the heart of Amsterdam. The area is jam-packed with landmarks, and it’s always packed with both locals and tourists. So, you might want to hit it on a weekday, if possible.

Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht are some of the quietest main canal areas. These are the best places to take many pictures without people photobombing them.

2. The Oude Kerk

The Oude Kerk Amsterdam

The Oude Kerk (the Old Church), is possibly the oldest building in Amsterdam. You can find it in “De Wallen,” which is Amsterdam’s historical main red-light district.

This old church is also home to a new art institute, bringing together the contemporary with the classic. Thus, it’s one of the most intriguing and fun places you can take pictures in Amsterdam.

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3. The Flower Market

The Flower Market, Amsterdam

Along with cheese, clogs, and windmills, tulips are another popular Dutch symbol. So, if your trip is planned around the spring, namely between March to May, you can’t miss out on the sight of the colorful tulips all over the streets.

Of course, there’s a flower market dedicated to tulips. It’s actually a floating market that’s set up on boats parked parallel to the street. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to take pictures in Amsterdam.

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4. The Nine Streets

The Nine Streets are basically a series of 9 streets that make the perfect backdrop for some amazing photos.

You’ll also find plenty of boutique shops where you can enjoy some shopping, grand canals, and quaint cafes to enjoy a cup of coffee to keep you energized for the rest of the day.

5. Anne Frank House

Paying a visit to the memorial of this brave young girl is a treat in itself. Then, if that weren’t enough, the house’s exterior also serves as a fantastic background for your photos.

The good news is that it’s not too far from the Oude Kerk and close to the Jordaan area. This means you can check these places off your list one by one as you enjoy a nice stroll through the city.

6. Damrak Road

This is another one top photography destination for anyone visiting Amsterdam. The layout of the narrow houses with pitched roofs and boards that run along the canal captures the essence of Amsterdam perfectly.

The angles from which you can take your shots are just as numerous as the lives of the people living in those homes. So, why not get creative and take photos of the front of the houses, rooftops, or even the reflections of the houses in the water?

7. Vondelpark

This area lies a bit to the west of midtown Amsterdam, but it’s a must-visit. This vast park is an excellent place for a picnic or to take a walk while enjoying the beauty of nature.

The park is open year-down, but the best time to visit is in the spring. You’ll find about 70 different flower species, each worthy of a picture of its own.

8. Staalmeestersbrug (Love-Lock bridge)

Staalmeestersbrug Love Lock bridge, Amsterdam

Although it’s not Europe’s city of love, you can definitely enjoy some romantic sentiment if you visit the Staalmeestersbrug or the love-lock bridge. Securing a lock on the bridge means you and your significant other declare eternal love for one another.

What better way to remember this moment than to take a picture? It also serves as a great reminder of the padlock’s location so you can visit the next time you’re in town.

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9. Eye Film Museum and A’DAM Tower

Heading from Amsterdam-Centrum and going to Amsterdam-Noord, you can enjoy the underwater scenery of the Eye Film Museum. You can also take beautiful pictures along the way.

Right next to it, you’ll find the A’DAM tower, which looks quite majestic when photographed from the ground. Then, head to the top of the tower for a panoramic view of the entire city.

10. Dam Square

The Royal Palace is an iconic sightseeing spot in Amsterdam, where you can take royal pictures for your album. Then, after you’re down, take some photos of the surrounding buildings because they’re also quite photogenic.

On the opposite side, you’ll find two exciting landmarks: the War Memorial and the gothic Nieuwe Kerk.

11. Zevenlandenhuizen (Houses Of The Seven Countries)

You’ll love the Houses of the Seven Countries if you’re an architect enthusiast. This is a row of 7 houses representing seven different European countries to depict how each contributed to the area’s architectural history.

The seven countries represented are England, The Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany.

Tip You need to look for Roemer Visscherstraat street, the houses from 20 to 30A, between Vondelpark and Leidseplein, in Amsterdam Zuid, or Amsterdam South.

12. Rijksmuseum & its Library

Calling all bookworms out there, the Rijksmuseum allows you to take pictures inside this huge, stunning library.

You’ll notice the outside is just as stunning. Taking photos, you’ll be able to spot the neo-renaissance detailing of the exterior as you walk around the garden outside.

13. Amstel River

There are many places to take perfect photos in this area along the river. Yet, the ones that stand out are the Magere Brug, where you can capture the bridge from the sidewalk.

There’s also the Blauwbrug, where you can capture the National Opera Ballet. In addition, photographing the Walter Suskindbrug from across the river makes for some breathtaking photos.

14. Begijnhof

Some consider Begijnhof to be the city’s hidden gem. It’s a beguinage, meaning a place for religious beguines, and consists of a tranquil courtyard surrounded by typical Amsterdam houses.

If you’re looking for nature-inspired tranquil areas surrounded by beautiful architecture, then this is one you shouldn’t miss.

15. Murals

There are two picture-worthy murals in Amsterdam.

The first is “Wake Me Up When I’m Famous.” It’s a simple black-and-white mural with standard typography. Yet, it’s become one of the most iconic places to photograph in Amsterdam.

Then, there’s the “Let Me Be Myself,” which is a tribute to Anne Frank in the NDSM area.

The map of best spots


nadia in amsterdam
There are ten times more spots to shoot!

There you have it! I highly recommend these 15 best places to take pictures in Amsterdam. So, the next time you’re in the “Venice of the North”, you’ll know exactly where to get some instagrammable views!

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