Jaintiapur, the lost kingdom of Bangladesh

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Jaintiapur Rajbari Castle

The ancient kingdom of Jaintiapur, located in Sylhet, is one of Bangladesh’s prime tourist attractions. It was earlier one of the most influential empires in the area. 

The site is 43 kilometers from Sylhet town and only 5 kilometers from Jaflong, on the Sylhet-Shilong road. You will find many ancient temples and palaces that still stand. Also, the surrounding countryside is just beautiful. If you happen to come to Bangladesh, Jaintiapur is a truly unique destination you should not miss.

A brief history of Jaintiapur, Bangladesh

In the early 9th century, Janitiapur used to be the capital of the kingdom Jaintia, founded by Raja Gour, a powerful ruler of the time. The kingdom comprised Jaintia and Khasia hills and the plains of Jaintia, flourishing for many centuries.

The Jaintiapur kingdom began to decline in the early 17th century after it was conquered by the Mughals. The empire slowly lost its power and influence over the years. 

Eventually, it completely disappeared after the death of Raja Gour in 1613, leaving behind its architectural excellence to be cherished by the people of this era. 

The fall of the Jaintiapur kingdom marked the end of an era in Bangladesh’s history. However, the kingdom’s legacy still lives on in the form of its many architectural and cultural landmarks. 

Although the kingdom’s ruins are scattered over the whole area, they are enough to express the lavish life led by the royal families of that time. And despite mainly being a ruins site, Jaintiapur still holds an important place in Bangladesh’s culture and heritage. Unfortunately, many of these ruins are dilapidated due to a lack of adequate conservation.

The most favorite destination among all these ruins would be the Jaintiapur Rajbari King’s house. 

Jaintiapur is now a well-known picnic spot

Picnic parties from far and across come to visit this place. If you consider visiting this place, it would be wise to see both Jaintiapur and Jaflong (only 5 kilometers from Jaintiapur) on the same day.

Traveling to Jaintiapur

It is easy to travel here from Sylhet town. Taking a local bus or car will serve the purpose well. It takes about an hour and a half to get here.

It’s a perfect day trip from Sylhet town, come to Jaintiapur in the morning and return to the hotel for a night. 

Tip The accommodation facilities have not yet developed much in the area.


Jaintiapur ruins exhibit the rich history of the country and its rulers. The glimpse of the ruins here gives a really amazing feeling. The site is also great for enjoying the natural beauty of the Bangladeshi countryside (see the waterfalls!). 

If you’re looking for a truly unique destination, Jaintiapur is definitely worth a stop!

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