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Beach in Spanish is playa

It is feminine so it needs an article lala playa.

How to pronounce “beach” in Spanish?

It is pronounced as [´ply-yah] and comes from late Latin word plagia. It is a pretty common word that you’ll likely hear when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries. If you’re an American citizen, there’s also a high chance you heard of this one before (e.g., Playa del Rey, California)

Spanish academic dictionary ( defines the word “playa” as a “shore of the sea or a large river, formed by sandbanks on an almost flat surface”.

Helpful phrases with the Beach (La Playa) word.

Let’s go to the beach.
Vamos a la playa
[báh-mohs ah lah ´ply-yah]

This is the most popular phrase with the beach word, and you can find a lot of songs using it. My favorite is Calma by Pedro Capó, which I often listen to on my way to the beach. It gives me a fantastic feeling of how beautiful and precious life is.

Also, don’t forget that the letter “v” in Spanish sounds more like an English “b”. The ideal way to pronounce it is to say something in between.

— Where is the beach?
— Dónde está la playa?

[dóhn-deh ehs-táh lah ´ply-yah]

It is the second most popular phrase to help you travel in Spain. Pay attention to accent mark, when saying, to make it sound natural and not to confuse people. The accent mark in Spanish is very important and can completely change the meaning of a word. If you don’t know how to properly emphasize certain syllables, then it could be two entirely different sentences! For example, “está” means location, when the same word with the accent on the first syllable means “this” (see the example below).

— This beach is popular
— Esta playa es popular

[éhs-tah ´ply-yah es poh-poo-láhr]

Another thing to keep in mind: the “L” letter is always soft in Spanish, which makes the language seem more delicate and dainty (at least, when Spaniards don’t cry at each other). To pronounce “esta playa es popular” well, try to soften your voice and forget about the pronunciation of the english word “popular”.

— It’s a beach day
— Es un día de playa

[ehs uhn díyah deh ´ply-yah]

If I lived by the sea, it would be every Sunday for me.

— I don’t want to go to the beach
— No quiero ir a la playa

[noh kyéh-roh ir ah lah ´ply-yah]

The beach is a place where everyone wants to go, but maybe this phrase can help you in certain situations 🙂.

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Vamos a la playa?

I have prepared the short list of the best beaches in Spain:

  • Aiguablava beach (Barcelona)
  • Cathedral beach (Galicia)
  • Maro beach (Malaga)
  • Las Teresitas (Canary Islands)
  • La Concha Beach (San Sebastian)

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