Garbí Mountain Viewpoint: A Local’s Guide

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Garbi Mountain, Valencia, Spain

The Garbí is an astonishing mountain of 1,960 feet (600 m) above sea level within the Natural Park of the Sierra de Calderona, between the provinces of Castellón and Valencia, Spain. It is the highest viewpoint in Valencia Community, with scenic panoramas and easy access. 

If you enjoy hiking, stunning views, only have a little time, or go with children, it is an excellent place to enjoy a morning or afternoon in the middle of nature.

See the drone footage:

Helpful tip If you are looking for a demanding route, this is not your option since you can reach the top literally by car.

How to get to Garbí mountain

It is relatively easy to get to the mountain’s top by car, and it is well indicated on Google Maps. You only have to put it in your cell phone, and it will take you to the small parking area up there.

Exploring Garbí

Garbi mountain, Sierra de Calderone, Spain

Among all the peaks of the Sierra de Calderona, the most visited is undoubtedly the Garbí. It is due to the ease of access and beautiful views over the region. 

Once there, you can make a circular route and end up where you started. The trails are easy enough for anyone. Just remember to wear appropriate footwear for the mountain to avoid suffering from flat shoes.

There are several viewpoints to approach. The first of these is known as the Llosar. These large rocks on large cliffs will leave you with a spectacular and photogenic landscape.

At the top of the viewpoint is an old farmhouse – Ermita de la Santa Creu. From there, you will have beautiful views of the Gulf of Valencia, the Palancia Valley, the Port of Sagunto, and the Natural park of the Albufera. On clear days, you will also see the Columbretes Islands.

Garbí Mountain forests

There is also a recreation area with wooden picnic tables.

On the way back to the starting point, the path goes along a forest trail. You will see the valley of the Palancia River and the Sierra de Espadán in the province of Castellón, another Natural park of the Valencian Community.

Helpful tip #1 On weekends, Mirador del Garbí gets pretty crowded.

Helpful tip #2 Garbí mountain is perfect for breathtaking pictures of sunrises/sunsets.

It must be said that both the picnic area and the surroundings of the viewpoint are utterly full of garbage. Dozens of containers, plastics, papers, and other stuff. This is the problem of making the mountain so accessible to young kids who are about to become civilized or older people who have no respect for nature or their environment 😢

If you are feeling hungry

Next to the Garbí mountain, you will find an interesting gastronomic proposal: the Chaparral Restaurant, where you can sample one of the best wood-fired paellas.

You can also catch the sunrise in Sagunto, if you want! The last time I went to Garbi, it was really cloudy, so I took some photos of winter sunrise and then continued to the Mirador del Garbi.

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