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Things to Do in Frigiliana, Spain

Welcome to Frigiliana [Free-hee-lee-'ana], a charming seaside village in the southernmost region of Spain – Andalusia. Located at the foot of the Sierra de Almijara range (near the town of Nerja), this picturesque village is often referred to as “the white village” due to its whitewashed buildings that dot the hillside.

It is also considered the most beautiful “pueblo” (small town) in the area and is definitely a must-see destination while you are in Andalusia.

In the ancient chronicles, Frigiliana appears as a settlement inhabited by the Iberians in the Bronze Age (about 5,000 years ago) and colonized by the Phoenicians in the seventh century BC.

As the tourist boom has not affected Frigiliana like most towns on the Costa del Sol, the medieval spirit has been perfectly preserved there.

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Where is Frigiliana?

How to get to Frigiliana

From Nerja

  • By car: It is a 15-minute drive. Parking in the heart of Frigiliana, under the observation deck, will cost you around $2/hour.
  • By taxi: It is approximately $15 round trip.
  • With an organized tour, “White Villages of Andalusia”.
  • By foot: It is a one-hour-and-a-half walk from the center of Nerja, so if you like long walks, why not! 

From Málaga:

  • By car: It is a 50-minute drive with an approximate fuel cost of $15.
  • By bus: Not recommended

From Almería:

  • By car: You will get go Frigiliana in roughly one hour and a half.
  • By bus: First go to Nerja by ALSA bus, then take the taxi to Frigiliana. Not recommended as it takes at least 4 hours and a half.

Things to do in Frigiliana

Frigiliana is a small village, so expect few things to do there. However, the authentic beauty of the place is enormous. This is a real Spain and a real Andalucia!

Frigiliana is divided into the lower part and upper (mountainous) part. The more ancient upper part was erected during the time of the Moorish people on the Iberian Peninsula, called the Mudejar.

The Arab influence in the village is evident: The same winding pedestrian narrow streets, blue doors, and handles on the front doors as in any Moorish town.

Explore the Old town’s narrow streets

Frigiliana is a maze of charming cobblestone streets surrounded by whitewashed houses with low doorways and bright red geraniums. The city center can only be explored on foot and is a perfect spot for long relaxing walks.

Visit the Santo Cristo’s viewpoint

The best panoramic view in the village! If you get there at sunset, do not miss the chance to take the best sunset photos of your life. See on the map

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Visit the Palace of the Counts

The old Renaissance palace, popularly called El Ingenio, is today the only active factory for cane sugar and honey in Europe.

See the ancient remains of Lízar Castle

At the top of Frigiliana, you will find the 9th-century Lizar Castle. Actually, there are only a few remains of Arab walls and foundations since 1569, when the Christians almost destroyed the castle and took the town.

Besides that, you will enjoy spectacular views of the village and the Mediterranean sea.

How to get to the Castle of Lízar: Start from the back of the Palace of the Counts. From here begins a cobbled route that will give you exceptional views. After following the signs, you will ascend to the highest part of the mountain and to the Castle of Lízar.

DO NOT hike the Acequia de Lizar!

Acequia de Lizar is a 3-mile stretch of the restored irrigation ditch from where you can enjoy the most emblematic peaks of Sierra Almijara. I do not recommend continuing beyond the restored section; the path gets much narrower, and you walk a brittle path along the abyss. It is extremely dangerous there!

The most dangerous part on Acequia de Lizar route
Here is the most dangerous part on Acequia de Lizar route

More of Frigiliana

  • Buy souvenirs from local stores
  • Casa del Apero (temporarily closed as of writing this article)
  • Plaza de la Fuente Vieja: Fountain, beautiful views
  • Calle Real 10: The Temple
  • Cortijo Algarrobo Pagomedia: Off-road vehicle tours
  • Calle Real 38: A beer boutique
  • Plaza Ingenio: A mechanical theater 

Where to eat in Frigiliana

El Boquetillo

El Adarve-Frigiliana

El Mesón de Mi Princesa Blanca

A lovely restaurant with a terrace and a small park.

Bar Fandangos Frigiliana

Where to stay

As for hotels or villas in Frigiliana, I recommend these options:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like in Frigiliana?

Because of its geographical location, Frigiliana has a unique microclimate with temperatures of 64.4°F (18°C), mild winters, and warm summers. That is why it is so pleasant to be there, even in the off-season.

What are the day trips from Frigiliana?

If you decide to stay overnight, you can visit TorroxTorre del Mar (for the beach and city sights), and Almijara National Park (if you are into hiking).


Frigiliana is one of the few towns in southern Spain that has not lost its authenticity and is considered one of Andalusia’s most charming white villages. The low white houses, and the narrow winding streets, now and then turning into picturesque staircases, have preserved elements of Moorish architecture over time. 

Although there is not much to do besides walking down the ancient streets, shopping, and enjoying beautiful views, Frigiliana is definitely worth visiting on a day trip from the nearest towns!

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