A Foodie’s Guide to Breakfast in Barcelona

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Nadia Breakfast Barcelona

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already in Barcelona or on your way.

Even though it’s a pretty big city (bigger than most Spanish cities, except for Madrid), there aren’t too many spots in Barcelona where you can grab an amazing breakfast.

Anyways, you’re not going to settle for the typical Spanish breakfast of a cup of coffee and a croissant, right?

So, let’s dive right into the topic!

Know Before You Go

  • Spanish people aren’t accustomed to having plentiful breakfasts, so I wouldn’t recommend heading to a traditional bar for your morning meal.
  • In this post, I’ve listed only the best breakfast places in Barcelona. Therefore, rise and shine early to secure your spot. If you plan on eating breakfast at 10 am, you’re likely already behind the crowd and might end up waiting in line.
  • Don’t expect a perfect English breakfast or shakshouka, but the pastries are so good… that you’ll easily forgive any other shortcomings.
  • Don’t rush to enter the coffee shop, there might be a line.
  • You always have to be seated, even in a coffee shop, so I recommend waiting for the host.
  • If you want to feel the vibes of traditional breakfast in Spain with locals, stay away from the tourist-heavy areas. Which is not easy in Barcelona. Well, just forget it.

What people say on Reddit

Cafe Godot in Gracia is really good. 9.30 for benedict, or with smoked salmon 10.40, although for some reason their brunch menu doesn’t start until 12:00pm


Egg Lab is one of my favorite brunch spots. You can also try Federal, whis is (or was) owned by Aussies. La desayuneria is also a great brunch place, but I’ve only tried sweet brekkie there (amazing pancakes btw)


Brunch at Firebug on Passeig Sant Joan is alright but I’m usually just a 2€ coffee and croissant offer guy… Sometimes might push the boat out for a jamón and refresco offer. 365 is a chain but their offers are good — support local when you can, though


Barcelona Sandwich Club across the street from BB is a good option if BB is too full. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s lovely and opens every day at 9!


My Top 7 Breakfast Spots in 2024

1. Billy Brunch Headquarters

If you’re into food in the morning time, this is just a perfect place. Although it’s quite a small coffee shop, the selection of food, its quality, and the service will make you agree with me. Definitely, number 1.

Helpful tip Try to be seated in the patio, not near the bar.

2. CaféPendiente Brunch & Drinks

I have only three keywords: Delicious, cozy, and firendly. The photos speak for themselves.

By the way, they have one the best croissaints in the city! Also, a solid spot for brunch, they have a variety of bowls, sandwiches, and even cocktails to not to woarry about anything else for the rest of the day. 😁

3. Brunch & Cake

Healthy and nutritious breakfasts, tons of pastries, specialty coffee, and an Insta-worthy facade. Enjoy!

Helpful tip There are several Brunch & Cake locations in the city. Look for the one at Calle del Rosselló, 189, as the other ones could be quite crowded, lines, etc.

4. Milk brunch · tapas · bar

Back in spring 2005, the founders rolled into Barcelona from San Francisco, dreaming of their perfect tapas bar and brunch spot. That’s now a hotspot known for the best brunch and coolest tapas in town.

Fun fact It used to be this famous absinthe bar where people got their tarot cards read, and some of Barcelona’s more intriguing night owls hung out.

5. Soul Cafe

I’m a simple girl who likes simple places. At Soul Cafe, they keep it real – no fancy dishes, over-the-top facades, or confusing menus. And honestly? That’s awesome. Their breakfast is straightforward but super tasty.

6. Bloome By Sasha

Stumbled upon this coffee shop and it’s a gem in Barcelona. With its cozy and elegant vibes, you can tell Sasha pours her heart into every detail, from perfectly poached eggs to inspiring quotes on each coffee cup.

Additionally, they’ve got awesome vegan options, cold-pressed juices, and even a tree growing right in the middle of the cafe!

The verdict: Whether you’re catching up with pals or just craving a killer cappuccino, this is the spot.

7. MIAM Brunch Sagrada Familia

A tiny coffee shop right near the Sagrada Familia. Surprisingly, the street isn’t packed, so you can get your full-on Barcelona breakfast experience without the crowd.

Other notable places

  • Morning Glory Coffee & Brunch. Amazing food, quality coffee, quiet & cozy. It’s near La Rambla, which is suprising – there aren’t too many good spots in the area, not to mention La Ramble itself (full of tourist traps). See on the map
  • La Papa. Again, pretty popular spot, come early. See on the map
  • Cremat 11. Best for pancakes & brunches. Opens at 10 am. FYI: The Picasso Museum is few steps away. See on the map
  • El Petit Príncep Brunch. Only if you are around. Might not worth the hype. See on the map
  • Surf House Barcelona. One of the best places near the beach. Well, compared to other spots in the area. See on the map
  • The Bagel Hood. If you are into bagels… this is a place to check out. See on the map.

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