Turndown Service

Turndown service is a luxurious hospitality offering provided by hotels and resorts to enhance guests’ comfort and experience during their stay. Typically offered in higher-end or luxury accommodations, this service takes place in the late afternoon or early evening and involves the preparation of the guest’s room for the night.

Key elements of turndown service include

Bed Preparation: The primary focus is preparing the bed for the night. This involves turning down the covers, fluffing pillows, and arranging the bedding to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Ambiance: The room’s ambiance is adjusted for the evening, often including dimming the lights, closing curtains or blinds, and sometimes playing soothing music to create a relaxing environment.

Amenities and Refreshments: Turndown service might include providing additional amenities such as fresh towels, complimentary chocolates or mints on the pillow, bedside water, or other treats to make guests’ evenings more enjoyable.

Personalized Touches: Some establishments may offer personalized services based on guest preferences, such as adjusting room temperature, preparing a hot beverage, or offering a selection of reading materials.

Housekeeping Touch-Ups: In addition to preparing the bed, housekeeping might perform minor touch-ups in the room, such as tidying up, refilling toiletries, and making sure everything is in order for a comfortable night’s stay.

Turndown service aims to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for guests to return to after a day of activities or business engagements. It’s a thoughtful gesture by the hotel or resort to ensure guests feel pampered and comfortable throughout their stay.

Do I have to request turndown service, or is it automatic?

In luxury hotels and high-end accommodations, turndown service is often provided automatically as part of the standard amenities offered to guests. It’s typically included in the nightly routine of the housekeeping or guest services staff without requiring guests to make a specific request.

However, guests can usually inform the hotel staff if they prefer not to have turndown service during their stay. Some hotels might offer an option to opt-out through a preference card or by notifying the front desk or housekeeping staff.

If you have specific preferences or if there are certain nights you’d prefer not to have turndown service, it’s a good idea to communicate your preferences to the hotel staff upon check-in. This way, they can adjust their service accordingly to ensure your comfort and satisfaction during your stay.

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