Run-of-the-House Rate

The term “Run-of-the-House Rate” refers to a type of hotel room rate or reservation where guests agree to accept any available room upon check-in, as determined by the hotel. The specific room assignment is at the discretion of the hotel staff, and guests typically do not have the option to choose a specific room type or location within the hotel.

Key points about the Run-of-the-House Rate

Room Assignment: With a Run-of-the-House Rate, guests are generally assigned any available room at the time of check-in. The hotel decides the room type and location based on its current availability.

Flexibility: This type of rate offers flexibility to the hotel in managing room inventory. It is often chosen by guests who are less concerned about specific room preferences and are more focused on securing a cost-effective rate.

Cost Savings: Run-of-the-House Rates may be priced lower than other room categories or rates with specific room preferences. It can be an option for budget-conscious travelers seeking a discounted rate.

Limited Room Type Selection: Guests opting for a Run-of-the-House Rate may not have the ability to choose a particular bed type, view, or other room features. The emphasis is on providing a room based on availability.

Ideal for Last-Minute Bookings: This rate is suitable for travelers making last-minute reservations or those who are flexible about their room preferences and are seeking a more affordable option.

Availability Conditions: Run-of-the-House Rates are subject to availability, and during peak times or high occupancy periods, guests may have fewer room options.

It’s essential for guests to understand the terms and conditions associated with the Run-of-the-House Rate before booking, especially if they have specific preferences or requirements for their hotel stay. This rate type is more suitable for travelers who prioritize cost savings and are open to a variety of room possibilities within the hotel.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Booking a Run-of-the-House Rate?

Booking a Run-of-the-House (ROH) Rate can offer cost savings and flexibility, but there are potential disadvantages or considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Limited Room Selection: Guests opting for ROH Rates relinquish the ability to choose specific room types, views, or locations within the hotel. This lack of choice might be a disadvantage for travelers with particular preferences or requirements.
  2. Possibility of Less Desirable Rooms: Since the hotel determines the room assignment, guests might receive rooms that are less desirable in terms of view, proximity to facilities, or layout compared to other room categories.
  3. Room Availability: ROH Rates might have limited availability during peak seasons or high occupancy periods. This limitation could result in fewer room options for guests choosing this rate.
  4. Inability to Guarantee Preferences: Travelers with specific needs, such as accessibility features, bed preferences, or a desire for specific views, may find that the ROH Rate doesn’t accommodate these preferences.
  5. Potential for Less Value-Added Amenities: Some ROH Rates may not include additional perks or amenities that are often associated with specific room categories, such as complimentary breakfast, room upgrades, or exclusive access to certain facilities.
  6. Room Assignment Discretion: While hotels aim to offer suitable rooms, the assigned room may not align with guest expectations or preferences due to the hotel’s discretion in assigning rooms under ROH Rates.
  7. Limited Flexibility after Check-In: Guests might have limited options to change rooms or request a different assignment after check-in if they’re dissatisfied with the allocated room.

Travelers considering ROH Rates should weigh the cost savings against their preferences and requirements. If specific room features or amenities are crucial for a comfortable stay, choosing a more defined room category might be preferable despite potentially higher costs. Conducting thorough research and understanding the hotel’s policies regarding room assignments and guest preferences can help mitigate any potential disadvantages when booking a ROH Rate.

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