Record Locator

A Record Locator, often abbreviated as PNR (Passenger Name Record) or booking reference, is a unique alphanumeric code generated by a travel agency or an airline when a reservation for a flight, hotel, or other travel service is made. This code is used to locate and access specific booking details in the travel provider’s database.

It’s a crucial identifier for both travelers and travel agents as it allows easy retrieval of booking information. Travelers use the record locator to access and manage their reservations, make changes, check-in online, and track their itinerary details. Meanwhile, travel agents and airline staff use it to retrieve and modify booking information or assist passengers with their travel arrangements.

Is the Record Locator the Same as a Ticket Number?

No, the record locator and the ticket number are not the same.

Record Locator: This is a unique code or reference number assigned to your booking by the airline or travel agency. It allows you to access and manage your reservation details. It’s like an access key to retrieve your booking information, make changes, or check your flight status. Each reservation has its own record locator.

Ticket Number: This is a unique identifier assigned to your actual ticket. It’s different from the record locator and is specific to the ticket purchased for your journey. The ticket number is associated with the ticket document and is used for accounting and tracking purposes by the airline.

While both are essential for your travel, they serve different purposes. The record locator helps you manage your booking, while the ticket number is associated with the physical or electronic ticket you’ll use for boarding.

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