Full Board

Full Board refers to a type of accommodation package offered by hotels, resorts, or cruise lines where the cost of the stay includes all meals and, in some cases, drinks. This package typically covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the entire duration of the guest’s stay.

The specifics of what’s included in a full board package can vary depending on the establishment. In some instances, it might also include snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and certain alcoholic beverages within specific hours or at designated locations on the property.

Full board packages provide guests with the convenience of having their meals already covered in the overall cost of their stay. It’s an all-inclusive option that allows guests to enjoy their time without worrying about additional expenses for food during their trip. However, it’s essential to verify the details of what exactly is covered in the full board package when booking, as the offerings can differ from one place to another.

Is Tipping Included in Full Board Packages?

Tipping policies within Full Board packages can vary based on the specific hotel or resort. In most cases, tips or gratuities are not typically included in the Full Board package.

While Full Board generally covers meals, the customary practice in many places is to leave a gratuity for excellent service provided by waitstaff, housekeeping, or other service personnel. This is often left to the discretion of the guest.

It’s advisable to check the hotel’s policy or ask upon check-in about their tipping guidelines. Some establishments might include a service charge or gratuity in the Full Board package, so it’s essential to understand what’s covered and whether additional tipping is expected or appreciated for exceptional service.

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