An Advance Purchase Excursion (APEX) fare refers to a discounted airline ticket that must be purchased a certain number of days before the travel date. Some key details on APEX fares:

They are deeply discounted compared to standard published fares, often 30-50% cheaper. This makes flight travel more affordable.

To get the APEX discount, tickets must be purchased at least 7, 14, or 21 days prior to departure. The further out purchased, the cheaper the price.

APEX fares usually require stay over a Saturday night. The passenger itinerary must include a Saturday night stay at the destination before flying back.

Changes are usually not allowed on APEX discounted tickets after purchase. Cancellations or date changes will require repayment of the full ticket at regular prices.

APEX fares have limited seat availability. Only a handful of seats per flight may be marked as APEX discounted.

In summary, APEX fares allow budget-conscious leisure travelers flexibility to plan further ahead in order to save substantially on air travel costs. The tradeoff is less flexibility to make changes after booking.

What Are the Booking Procedures for Apex Fares?

Booking Advance Purchase Excursion (APEX) fares comes with some particular procedures and restrictions that travelers should be aware of:

  • Booking Window – Tickets must be purchased during a specific advanced booking window, usually between 7-21 days before departure. Trying to book outside this window will not get the discount.
  • Payment – Full payment is typically required at the time of APEX booking. The deep discounts are not applicable if trying to hold a reservation temporarily without payment.
  • Expiration – Unused APEX reservations automatically expire if not ticketed during the defined booking window. New bookings would then need to be made.
  • Changes – Date changes, flight changes, name changes etc usually invalidate the discounted APEX fare after booking. Change fees plus fare differences will apply.
  • Refunds – APEX fares are generally non-refundable. Cancellations may get travel credit but not cash back.
  • Saturday Stays – Most APEX fares come with a Saturday night stay requirement as part of the itinerary before return travel.

Following booking terms precisely is crucial for APEX discount eligibility. Travelers should double check details before confirming reservations. Knowing the restrictions in advance prevents losing discounts down the line due to amended travel plans.

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