Swiss Alps

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Swiss Alps
Switzerland Source: Pascal Debrunner / Unsplash

The Swiss Alps, a section of the Alps mountain range, are located within Switzerland and cover around 60% of the country’s land area.

During summer (June-August), the weather can vary greatly based on altitude. Lower altitudes experience temperatures between 12 ºC to 25 ºC (54 ºF 77 ºF), while higher altitudes are cooler, sometimes even dropping below freezing.

Summer in the Swiss Alps is usually marked by sunny days and occasional thunderstorms. This season is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and biking, although sudden weather changes can happen, demanding some caution and preparation.

Swiss Alps Lake
Grindelwald / Photo by Valerie Calabro on Unsplash
Swiss Alps 2
Melchsee-Frutt / Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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