Petra Treasury

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Petra Treasury
Jordan Source: Brian Kairuz / Unsplash

Feast your eyes on today’s dazzling Photo of the Day, featuring none other than the jaw-droppingly beautiful Petra Treasury in Jordan. A pink-hued rock masterpiece that’ll leave you breathless!

Nestled deep within the rose-colored walls of the ancient city of Petra, this awe-inspiring treasure is an absolute must-see!

Did you know that it’s not really a treasury but a tomb? 💀

Yes, that’s right! The name “Treasury” was just a fanciful legend that a massive stash of gold was hidden inside. Spoiler alert: there’s no gold, but the real treasure is the view!

As you stroll through the narrow Siq (a passage leading through red-rock walls), hold onto your hats because the dramatic reveal of the Treasury is real! Carved straight out of the rock face around the 1st century BCE, this architectural marvel has stood the test of time and remains one of the most Insta-worthy spots on the planet.

Now time to pack your bags and head over to the captivating land of Jordan to witness the magnificence of the Petra Treasury in person.

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