Golden Gate Bridge

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Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, California, USA Source: Maarten van den Heuvel / Unsplash

It is really hard to write something new about the Golden Gate Bridge, so just look at this majestic photo worth thousands of words!

And yes, it is one of the most fascinating shots I’ve ever seen in my life.

Mildly interesting Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge was actually not supposed to be red? Yes, the original plan was for it to be a dull grey, but then the architect, Irving Morrow, had this wild idea to paint it orange. And there’s more! They added some red to the mix too, and now we contemplate a super unique-colored bridge that looks absolutely stunning under the blue skies.

Another interesting fact The bridge is so long that when they were building it, they had to come up with some crazy plan to suspend the cables from the two towers. So, they decided to create a net underneath the bridge to catch any workers or equipment that fell off. And it actually worked! 19 workers fell into the net during construction and all of them survived 🤞🍀

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