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Nadia Podrabinek
Hello, my name is Nadia. I usually write about traveling (there are so many places to fit all the lifestyles), relocation, and living in a foreign country (adapting to a different culture). My travels stretch beyond Spain, with journeys to the US, Italy, Norway, Portugal, and France. Relocating to Spain in 2018, I lived in cities from Barcelona to Madrid, currently calling Valencia home.  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn!

I am a founder of this blog. Here, I share my experiences with those who enjoy traveling, working remotely, or spending their time in a meaningful way in general. I post advice and opinions that you won't find in tourist books or any generic travel blog, so I would really love to hear some feednack from you (you can post comments on any page you ike or send me an email).

I currently live near Valencia, Spain, and absolutely happy about that! Each morning I try to remind myself how privileged I am to reside in this beautiful land. Even though I constantly repeat on the blog that there are no perfect places on Earth, to me, this one is the best all-rounded country.


I've been traveling a lot and still do. Currently, my travel interests are mostly attached to the US, South America, Europe (including Northern Europe), and Asia.

Sharing an Embarrassing Travel Moment

Now, I have a funny story to share. When I was in New York City, me and my husband went to a bagel shop to ask for a bagel with crab (don't ask me why we wanted it so badly, but nevertheless...). At that time, my pronunciation was really terrible, and the guy at the counter thought I was asking for a bagel with "some crap." I realized that only after leaving the shop, and was sooo embarrassed! Anyways, it taught me to communicate clearly and not to be afraid of making some errors. At the end, it is just another funny story to tell. 😂🙈

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